Safety / Supplies

A protected workforce is a productive workforce.

We partner with Radians to be your one-stop solution for everything safety and supplies. Radians’ comprehensive line of quality protective gear is manufactured in ISO-certified factories and field tested to ensure maximum performance and protection. Browse the safety products we provide through Radians and then consult the industry experts at WorldSource to determine the best protection solutions for your employees.

Hearing Protection

Earplugs and Earmuffs

Since hearing loss is irreversible, it’s essential to have sufficient hearing protection that meets all regulations. Choose from our wide selection of earplugs, earmuffs and foam plug dispensers, which offer everything from noise reduction to certified protection in demanding environments.

Hand Protection

Performance, Coated, Cold Weather,
Leather and Cut Protection Gloves

Lacerations caused by common workplace hazards can cost you thousands of dollars and damage your good name. Our performance gloves protect hands without compromising comfort and dexterity. Choose from a variety of materials and coatings including nitrile, latex, leather, polyurethane coatings and cut resistant fibers.

Eye Protection

Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Cleaning

Eye protection is critical across every industry, and for compliance is just as important. To meet worker expectations for all day comfort and extreme protection, choose from our broad selection of eye protection solutions for every application.


Industrial, HiVis, Public Safety, Chem Shield,
Arc Rated, ASTM F903

Whether your workplace environment requires the most durable protection or an economical, disposable solution, our rainwear provides protection against inclement weather—day or night—in hazardous environments across all industries.

HiVis Apparel

Vests, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Shirts,
Rainwear, Pants, Gloves

When all workers wear HiVis apparel the chance of workplace accidents drop significantly. From lightweight over-vests to warm sweatshirts, you’ll find high visibility apparel that’s appropriate for both indoor and outdoor work in all weather conditions.

Warming and Heating

DEWALT Heated Gear and Nordic Blaze Warming Products

DeWalt Heated Jackets—powdered by rechargeable batteries—provide hours of warmth and comfort when temperatures drop. Constructed from heavy-duty materials, these jackets stand up to tough jobsite conditions and are stylish enough to wear around town.

Head and Face Protection

Hard Hats, Bump Caps, Respirators,
Face Shields and Adaptors

Falling objects, airborne dust, flying particulates, and VOCs from manufacturing processes. You need properly rated head, face and breathing protection. Breathe easier knowing you’ve provided solutions for full coverage of all workers’ heads, necks and faces.

Flame-Resistant (FR) Workwear

Coveralls, Shirts, Pants

Flame-resistant (FR) workwear helps protect workers from short-term thermal incidents. Self-extinguishing solutions do not melt when exposed to flames, dramatically reducing the possibility—and the severity—of burn injuries.

Cooling and Heat Stress

Combat heat stress and fatigue with a broad range of head and body wear, towels, vests, wraps and headgear specially designed to manage moisture and cool body temperature when exposed to extreme heat.

Safety Starter Kits

Now you can simplify employee onboarding processes and cover every detail. Starter kits provide pre-packaged bundles with head, eye, ear, hand and even visibility protection. Every employee deserves safety apparel from day one; it’s proof that you take safety seriously.