Focus on the big stuff.
We’ll hold the rest together.

You have a lot on your plate: time demands, cost containment and vendor consolidation among many others. Which is why more and more businesses across Wisconsin rely on WorldSource. We help engineering and sourcing professionals procure the perfect fastener for every application. And our broad range of safety and maintenance supplies help you run a safer and more cost conscious business. With on-site professional support, custom products, local stocking and kitting programs, WorldSource is streamlining the way you do business.

You need fasteners.
Let us tighten the relationship.

With our hands-on approach, you get free access to our industry experts who can help you find the optimal fastening solution without over- or under-buying. Show us the application, product lifecycle, environmental conditions and we’ll present affordable options that won’t compromise your reputation.

Don’t stock it! Let WorldSource create a customized, managed inventory program.

There’s no sense tying up dollars and space in expensive inventory when WorldSource will stock and deliver on demand. We’ll analyze your fastener needs and build a managed inventory program matched to your needs. With our broad offering we’ll help you consolidate your supplier base, simplify paperwork and achieve better pricing.

We’ll count, sort and bag it.
If you want efficiency, let us kit it.

When you’re assembling components, you know exactly what’s needed to fasten everything together. But it’s a waste of time to have expensive labor counting parts and pieces—over and over again. Let WorldSource help you save valuable time and money by kitting the fasteners you need. So quit counting! Grab a pouch and start working faster.

Meet our suppliers.

WorldSource procures fasteners from more than 200 suppliers around the world. Our extensive partner network gives you access to many of the industry’s most trusted names, so we can be your one-stop source for cost-effective solutions.