Kitting & Assembly

Pre-packaged fastener kits. Save time and reduce labor costs.

Every time something is touched, time is lost and there’s potential for error. When you need fasteners, kitting ensures the right fasteners for the project, zero waste and a built in quality check; if there are fasteners left over, something’s not secured properly.

We’ll collect, sort and bag exactly what you need with a highly efficient production system that ensures on time, accurate results. Labels and barcodes can be put on your kits as well so you or anyone receiving the pouches know exactly what’s in it. When you take labor out of the process you return revenue to the bottom line.

Single-pocket Pouches

Every time you need a fastener, something needs to be fastened. Let us know which fasteners you need for your products and we’ll procure them and put them in a single-packet pouch to be conveniently packaged with the product. You’ll always have exactly what you need and can rest assured the right parts are being used and there’s no wasted product or shortages.

Multi-pocket Pouches

Small mistakes add up fast in mass production. Some fasteners look similar but are in fact different materials or slightly different sizes. Our multi-pocket pouches provide a smart solution to separate similar looking products to ensure the right one is used in the right application. This is also perfect for separating large amounts of different fasteners. Your team will be able to clearly identify each one for its appropriate use, eliminating mistakes.

Reusable Kit Cases

Companies with sophisticated assembly processes can’t afford to find out later not all the right parts were used in building an application. Our kit cases help ensure quality is consistent with labeled, pre-packaged parts so you have exactly what you need from the start. Our team meticulously checks every fastener’s size for accuracy and ensures all parts are correctly labeled and organized. WorldSource will also retrieve and restock your empty cases so they’re ready when you need them next.